Release: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate ch01


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As promised, the first chapter Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. It’s actually been in the works for a little while, having been working on it on and off during classes, but it’s finally done! It could’ve been released a tad earlier but ended up taking long because of some nasty hard redrawing that had to be done.

And again, as previously stated, we’ll be having a survey thingamajiggy to see which of you readers would rather read next: Koi Koi Seitokai, or Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate?

Personally, I would like to work on KoiChoco more, as I find Chisato absolutely adorable. Not to mention how Koi Koi Seitokai is a whole lot harder to work on because it necessitates a ton more redrawing than KoiChoco. But of course, it wouldn’t make much sense to work on something no one wants to read right!

Anyway, both series’ first chapters are already up and ready for easy download here, or reading at, so you can compare between the two.

Poll results will be collected by the end of the week, so please vote!

Edit: In the rush to get this released, I didn’t do a third QC pass (first pass by me, second pass by volunteers, third and final pass by me again) and because of this,  there were three pages with minor errors that slipped through:

p6: You perv. Anwyay [Anyway], it’s faster this way, and the divider’s broken too.

p8: This is pretty [much] how our commute to school goes.

p9: It feels [felt] more like a trade fair.

This has been remedied in the download version, but the copy in Batoto will not be amended. Primarily because I have no idea how to. The full volume release will also have the fixed pages.

Release: Koneko Pancake chapter 05

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And finally, the last chapter of the volume! Unfortunately, it ends on a major cliffhanger, and I am dying to find out what happens too.

Do beware that while earlier chapters (particularly chapter 3) skirted around the idea of nude and risqué scenes, this chapter contains two pages, with a panel each of fully exposed loli nipples. I highly recommend not reading this in public, and especially at work, unless you’d like people to think certain things about you.

Of course, if that’s the idea, then don’t let me stop you!

Note that this is the last chapter of the only volume that’s out so far. So all that’s left is the extra few pages, which will go up… Sometime. I haven’t had any luck looking for magazine scans, and I certainly can’t find any Dengeki G’s here either. In exchange, we’ll be doing one of two things:

  • Resume Koi Koi Seitokai
  • Pick up a new manga

I suppose it wasn’t totally obvious in the previous post, but the new manga in question is the manga adaptation of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, which also happens to be done by Kanno Touko, also with a single volume out at the moment. Totally a coincidence, trust me.

But! I’m kind of on the fence about the issue, so here’s what we’ll be doing: we’ll release chapter 1 of KoiChoco (sometime soon), and you can read that and see which one kind of tickles your fancy more. And then you can leave a comment in the soon-to-come post about which you’d rather read. So basically, we’ll have a poll on which series to go for.

Though I’m not-so-secretly hoping it’s KoiChoco.

Previews: Koneko Pancake ch04 + New Project!

So clearly I haven’t finished Koneko Pancake chapter 4. Just two pages more though; the redrawing has been rather agonizingly hard for these two, so it took longer than expected. Plus school stuff came up. Should be done in a day or two. So here’s a few preview pages:

peview 1
peview 2
peview 3

Chapter 5’s already been translated and mostly edited with only redrawing required. So that shouldn’t take too long, hopefully. And after Koneko Pancake, we’ll be picking up a sekkrit new project (you know, maybe I should get back to Koi Koi Seitokai huh!); here’s a preview of that too:


That is all.

Koi Koi Seitokai Re-release + Update

Koi Koi Seitokai Chapter 01
Download: MediaFire

Notes about this re-release:

  • Mainly to polish up for public release on Batoto, though the scans aren’t the cleanest orz
  • Chapter 01 has been reworked a little with minor edits, though translation is still 98% the same.
  • Fixed credits page
  • Download link in the project page now reflects the new version of the chapter.
  • Uploading to Batoto now. Uploaded, waiting for approval. Approved.

Current progress on Koneko Pancake ch04:

  • Image edit/redraw: 5/29 pages
  • Translation/Typeset: Complete
  • Expect something out in 5 days.

Current progress on Koneko Pancake ch05:

  • Image edit/redraw: 0/29 pages
  • Translation/Typeset: Complete

That is all.