Release: Koneko Pancake chapter 05

Download: MediaFire
Read: Batoto

And finally, the last chapter of the volume! Unfortunately, it ends on a major cliffhanger, and I am dying to find out what happens too.

Do beware that while earlier chapters (particularly chapter 3) skirted around the idea of nude and risqué scenes, this chapter contains two pages, with a panel each of fully exposed loli nipples. I highly recommend not reading this in public, and especially at work, unless you’d like people to think certain things about you.

Of course, if that’s the idea, then don’t let me stop you!

Note that this is the last chapter of the only volume that’s out so far. So all that’s left is the extra few pages, which will go up… Sometime. I haven’t had any luck looking for magazine scans, and I certainly can’t find any Dengeki G’s here either. In exchange, we’ll be doing one of two things:

  • Resume Koi Koi Seitokai
  • Pick up a new manga

I suppose it wasn’t totally obvious in the previous post, but the new manga in question is the manga adaptation of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, which also happens to be done by Kanno Touko, also with a single volume out at the moment. Totally a coincidence, trust me.

But! I’m kind of on the fence about the issue, so here’s what we’ll be doing: we’ll release chapter 1 of KoiChoco (sometime soon), and you can read that and see which one kind of tickles your fancy more. And then you can leave a comment in the soon-to-come post about which you’d rather read. So basically, we’ll have a poll on which series to go for.

Though I’m not-so-secretly hoping it’s KoiChoco.


2 thoughts on “Release: Koneko Pancake chapter 05

  1. Oh my God! This chapter was so awesome, and not (only) because the loli-nipples, I loved it thanks to Coco and his almost “Pleaso Suicide yourself” to the little girl, that was so heavy that I’m still loving it

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