Release: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon ch01

DL: LQ Mediafire / HQ Mediafire

So I’m breaking schedule and releasing this first, rather than the extra chapter and volume release of Koneko Pancake. Well, mainly because I am having issues with fixing a lot of crappy edit jobs I did on NekoPan. Not that this was any easier because of all the insane walls of text.

Furthermore, the raws I have been graciously been given are originally 1700-something px wide by 2500px high. Which is seriously freaking big for online readers and typical computer users. Hence, there will be 2 releases:

  • LQ: Resized to 1500px page height
  • HQ: Original 2500px page height

There are no other differences between the two except for resolution. The online version on Batoto will get the LQ version because it’s about the right size for reading, while both LQ and HQ versions will be available for download on this website. Subsequent volume releases will be done in HQ only.



10 thoughts on “Release: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon ch01

  1. I like. A new (for me) beacon of hope among the masses of apparently illiterate translators… and the consistent terminology is a nice bonus. Natural in your case, I guess, but appreciated.

    That Sayane as your avatar/icon, zero? … so you also went for the god-route, I guess? … *sigh*

    • Thanks! Means a lot coming from a Baka-Tsuki contrib. I figured no one in their sane mind would want to take on this mammoth of a manga so I might as well put the knowledge(?) I got working on the kyoukaisen infodump to good use.

      Also I haven’t actually gotten to playing Soukoku no Arterial at all; working on every aspect of scanlation (minus getting raws) plus translating Eustia plus school… Yeah.

      • You haven’t really missed much. SnA’s writing is sub-par, many events convenient for the plot and/or predictable due to the writers failing a bit when foreshadowing. And by a bit I mean totally, pretty much always without exception. Most heroines are boring at best and annoying at worst. *rantrant* Madoka and Sayane are exceptions, but Sayane is… *sigh* … too awesome for that world, I guess.

  2. Thanks for translating this. How far along is the manga, is there any new content (after s1 anime stuff) yet?

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