Release: Koi Koi Seitokai ch02, 03, 04


ch02 – MediaFire
ch03 – MediaFire
ch04 – MediaFire

Yeah, I was digging around my old crap looking for references and papers to read for my thesis when I came across these finished chapters of Koi Koi Seitokai over 2 years old. Really, two years old! I polished up a couple pages that had some typos, but these are relatively untouched, so you can expect a slightly different feel of translation and edit work than the more recent stuff.

I ended up unearthing two more chapters that already had a bit of TL and edit work done on them, so I may get to doing those before or after Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon ch02, then releasing them. However, there are currently no plans to continue work on this after chapter 06 since I’ve got my hands full with other things like Horizon and KoiChoco for now. Maybe when there’s nothing else to work on. But certainly not in the near future.

I hope this absolves me from any releases anytime soon (until maybe mid-July). Apologies to the Kyoukaisen fans who eagerly(?) await the next chapter. If there’s anyone who’d like to volunteer for redrawing a few pages (must be near-pixel-perfect; redraw job should be imperceptible) then please drop a note so we can push it out faster.


Or not.


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