Release: Koi Koi Seitokai 05

Download: Mediafire


This marks the 25th official release under HimaHImaSeijin Scans! *clap clap*
I’m pretty surprised it lasted this long, despite being nothing more than a side-pastime sorta thing.

Anyway, the upcoming chapter 06 will be the last release of Koi Koi Seitokai from here for a long time (possibly forever). Working on the Horizon manga and maintaining the Tumblr (especially) are already tiring enough as they are. Plus I’ve still got KoiChoco and Koneko Pancake (when/if ever raws come out), and whatever miscellaneous projects pop up.

Because I am putting this on the backburner mainly due to time and effort spent in redrawing, if you would like to do a collab on it (you edit, I do TL or TL+typeset), please drop a note here, an e-mail, whatever works. If you’d like to take on the entire series, that’s alright too, but please take over after chapter 06 since I’ve already got work started on it and it’s kind of a waste. Either way, do let me know too so I can direct some traffic to you.

That is all.

A Quick Notice

On the advice of a couple of friends, I have placed a little donate button near the bottom of the sidebar. On the sidebar.

Nice and non-intrusive.


Not at all coercing anyone, yeah?

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On further advice from the same friends, I have changed the button to look… Friendlier. And moved it up the sidebar a bit. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one relevant to the group’s projects at the moment, but it will be updated eventually.

Again, not coercing anyone. Leave a comment for thoughts, if you think I am an evil dirty scumbag, etc.

Release: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 02

Download HQ (1700px) – Mediafire
Download SQ (1200px) – Mediafire


Many thanks to Merun for doing a fantastic job on editing page 47’s panel of hell.

Chapter 3 is translated, still awaiting edits.
Chapter 4 is still in the middle of translation.

PS: My school seems to prevent uploading to Batoto so a release there will have to wait for quite a while, ’til I get back home. On Batoto now.

PPS: It seems that there was a typo on page 50: I’m planning to visit my mother’s grave before departing for Mikawa. This has been fixed in the download.

Release: Madoka x Nanoha Episode 02


HQ Download (2100px) – Mediafire
Download (1200px) – Mediafire

Earlier, last September, we did Madoka cross Nanoha episode 01.

Then there was this gap of nothingness.

Apparently, episode 02 was already released around December, with raws out by around March or so.

I was recently contacted by Saluki regarding this so I jumped on the opportunity to work on it. It’s pretty cool innit?

Episode 03 was also released just a few days ago in Comiket 82, so work’ll start once some nice raws are out.


  • I lost my translations and edits for Horizon chapter 02 so that’s a big delay.
  • Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate is still kind of stalled due to lack of raws