Release: Madoka x Nanoha Episode 02


HQ Download (2100px) – Mediafire
Download (1200px) – Mediafire

Earlier, last September, we did Madoka cross Nanoha episode 01.

Then there was this gap of nothingness.

Apparently, episode 02 was already released around December, with raws out by around March or so.

I was recently contacted by Saluki regarding this so I jumped on the opportunity to work on it. It’s pretty cool innit?

Episode 03 was also released just a few days ago in Comiket 82, so work’ll start once some nice raws are out.


  • I lost my translations and edits for Horizon chapter 02 so that’s a big delay.
  • Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate is still kind of stalled due to lack of raws

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