Release: Koi Koi Seitokai 05

Download: Mediafire


This marks the 25th official release under HimaHImaSeijin Scans! *clap clap*
I’m pretty surprised it lasted this long, despite being nothing more than a side-pastime sorta thing.

Anyway, the upcoming chapter 06 will be the last release of Koi Koi Seitokai from here for a long time (possibly forever). Working on the Horizon manga and maintaining the Tumblr (especially) are already tiring enough as they are. Plus I’ve still got KoiChoco and Koneko Pancake (when/if ever raws come out), and whatever miscellaneous projects pop up.

Because I am putting this on the backburner mainly due to time and effort spent in redrawing, if you would like to do a collab on it (you edit, I do TL or TL+typeset), please drop a note here, an e-mail, whatever works. If you’d like to take on the entire series, that’s alright too, but please take over after chapter 06 since I’ve already got work started on it and it’s kind of a waste. Either way, do let me know too so I can direct some traffic to you.

That is all.


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