HimaHimaSeijin Scans is Recruiting!

Cheggidowt dawg

We’re recruiting photo editors/redrawers (essentially typesetters without the typesetting, though that also works).

Anyone who’s even somewhat interested, please apply. We’ve got three releases bottlenecked because I simply don’t have the time and skill to work on redrawing.


5 thoughts on “HimaHimaSeijin Scans is Recruiting!

    • There might be some sort of book out there that does talk about it, but everything I know is from experience – it’s a kind of thing you have to do to learn. In that sense, scanlating still has this almost artisanal charm about it. You can only really train it by doing it a lot. It’s hard at first, but you get better as you go on.

  1. Hello. In the Koneko Pancake extra, page 190, was there a reason for leaving in “so. re. ga.”? (Assuming that’s what the original text said.) Would “the thing is”, “you know what” or “well guess what” fit better?

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