Release: Madoka × Nanoha Episode 03

Mediafire: 1200px | 1770px
Read online: Batoto

After half a year of delays, I finally decided to give up redrawing one of the pages of a two-page spread. Much as I hate putting out work that isn’t done right, I’ve been told me the best redrawer I know that I need to know when to give up. I suppose this is one of those times.

Although the fourth installment has been out since Comiket 83, I haven’t gotten ahold of the raws, so shoot a mail or a comment if you know where to find them.

Up next: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate ch08

Don’t expect it anytime soon though.

PS: Oh oops, title typo on the credits page. Download version fixed, but the Batoto version won’t because I’m lazy and no one ever reads them anyway.


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