R-18 Release: KanColle -The Night of Ship Debauchery- [Sameda Koban]


And even more ship daughter porn!

This time featuring all of the most popular girls – Kongou, Shimakaze, Tenryuu, and Atago, with a special guest appearance by the lovely Wo-class carrier!

Download: MediaFire
Read online: Fakku!

A few notes:

  • 姦 here can also be read as “Kan”, and is pretty much related to sex and/or rape.
  • The term “Deep Sea Dweller Fleets” is my own invention, and is more or less a literal translation of the term “深海棲艦群” which is the official designation for all enemies in the game. Interpretations can and likely will vary until we get an official English name.
    (edit: the semi-official term is now “Abyssal Fleet”)
  • Despite how ridiculous some of the translations are in there, I assure you I didn’t take too many liberties to put jokes in, so a lot of it is the actual dialogue.

This will probably be the last of the releases of KanColle porn for now, unless something spectacular comes up, or I get bored or whatever. I have had Horizon chapter 10 fully TL’d for some time, but Nackbjorn, the re-drawer, is rather busy.


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