R-18 Release: Yamato Wants to Love You, Admiral [Saikawa Yusa]


Hoo boy.

Download: MediaFire

Never in my life have I put this much effort into translating porn. In total, I’ve probably spent 20 hours, including all the research done and consulting others for understanding the history behind the ship, the references related to the game and otherwise, and so on. But this doujin totally deserved it. Even the handwritten bit for the omake manga. I don’t actually write that ugly, by the way.

Unlike other releases, this will NOT be put on Fakku! immediately, as a special service to this group’s followers. And a bit of KanColle elitism bleeding in – Yamato was, and still is, an event-exclusive, like this release will be to the blog (not that I have her though ;__; ). Not that that’s stopping anyone from downloading this and upping it someplace, but you’d be a jerk if you did that without permission, okay?

Also included in the release are two alternate typeset versions of the omake manga – one in the standard font for anyone who can’t read the intentionally bad scribble, and another in true World War II typeset style, as requested by a certain paediatric gynaecologist M.D..


4 thoughts on “R-18 Release: Yamato Wants to Love You, Admiral [Saikawa Yusa]

  1. Nice work, thanks for the translation.

    So I am guessing you are stockpiling resources for the Musashi event next week?
    this game is a bit too addicting IMO

  2. Curses you! This month’s releases made me devour the wiki & learn all about a game I will most likely never play for the foreseeable future…. So heartless!

    …..I hope you have even more in the queue.
    Thanks for spending time on these instead of the thesis~!

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