R-18 Commission: Ichi Ni no 3P [Aoki Kanji]


Download: Sendspace / Mediafire
Read online: Fakku! / Fufufuu (uploaded by Squall_Sky)

Translation commissioned by Ser Maggot

Good stuff.

On a side note, I forgot my password for Fufufuu and there doesn’t seem to be any option to recover passwords so I guess no uploads there until I fix that somehow.


8 thoughts on “R-18 Commission: Ichi Ni no 3P [Aoki Kanji]

  1. You messed up the link for the mediafire dl… (you put the wordpress in the hyperlink)

    Also, unrelated note: this has been TL’ed before – and i loved it then (not sure by whom). Thanks for this!

      • Yeah, you’re right – it was definitely a re-write – that’s why i was thankful for this! (not that the re-write was TERRIBLE – I’ve seen some terrible ones… but still, this was better)

  2. Zeroblade – You could try contacting ParadigmShift at Fufufuu. Either through e-mail or IRC. The latter of which I don’t know how to use. Good luck!

  3. From the “crunchy frog” that all-too-often passes a a re-write of an otherwise perfect hentai story, Good Translators deliver us.


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