R-18 Commission: Abyssal Fleet Girls Roster [Minamoto Jin, ATTP]


Commissioned by Anonymous.

Download: MediaFire
Read online: Fakku!

Boy it feels good to go back to things like this.
Faptastic expressions to be had all around.

Also it’s my birthday, so I have another release to come in a bit.

Edit: Due to a misrecognition error, there has been a mistake: the girl in the second half of the doujin is not Airfield Hime, but the Hime-class Armored Carrier. This error has been rectified in the download version, but not in other uploads of the doujin.
That is all.


8 thoughts on “R-18 Commission: Abyssal Fleet Girls Roster [Minamoto Jin, ATTP]

  1. Wrong info on the note page.
    That girl is not “Henderson-chan” Airfield Hime, she’s Armored Aircraft Hime from 4-4.
    Oh, and happy birthday.

  2. So much passion for Kantai Collection ^^

    Well, thanks for this new release, and on top of all, even with a one day delay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND LOTS OF GOOD THINGS TO YOU ! Congratulations, you just beat your previous highscore in terms of revolutions around the sun, /GG 🙂

  3. congrats on another year…..probably.

    Thanks for the release! So much more delicious when a semblance of a plot is thrown in.

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