Seasons Greetings + Updates + Triple R-18 Release!

very poorly photoshopped picture

Hello everyone!

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone! I’m more or less alive now, although I still won’t be taking any commissions for now.

Anyway, after having finished my thesis earlier this month, I’ve been working on and off on a few different eromanga/doujin in my free time. Hopefully I can get the passion to get back to working on Horizon, although I feel like I need to retranslate everything before resuing, as my style has changed so much.

Seeing as I’ll have to look for work soon, progress may or may not again grind to a screeching halt: the wonders of working solo at your own pace once again make themselves apparent.

I may or may not have already mentioned this, but I will no longer be uploading translations to Fakku due to personal reasons, and instead will be switching over to uploading galleries to ExHentai. Although I’m still figuring that one out.

And without further ado, please enjoy these three R-18 works:

Herurun – Boku no Kawaii Maid-san : MediaFire | ExH
A bit of cute vanilla between Myucel and Shinichi.

Kosuke Haruhito – Nurse Suzuya ni Shibori Torareru Hon : MediaFire | ExH
Mild (or not) femdom followed by fairly vanilla stuff for the admirals out there.

Tousen – Houkyouyaku no Tame Naraba : MediaFire | ExH
And some fairly deviant stuff for those who can’t get off to normal vanilla anymore.

Fappy New Year.