Release: Yuri Idol [Neko Tofu (GRINP)]


Download: MediaFire | ExH

I found this little gem while browsing through random bits of Comiket 87. The gags are great and the expressions are just fantastic. There isn’t even a smidgen of actual erotic content which was just refreshing, considering the last, oh, twenty-odd things I’ve worked on.

On a side-note, I’ll be going to the LoveLive 5th Live later this month. Very excite.

1 thought on “Release: Yuri Idol [Neko Tofu (GRINP)]

  1. Good day,

    as the scanner of the doujinshi, I’m overjoyed to see them being used, and would like to extend you the offer to request raws at better resolution/unadulterated if something strikes your fancy.

    Best regards,

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