KoiChoco Dropped

I got some e-mails earlier today.


There hasn’t been a stable source for good raws beyond what is currently out as well so this series will sadly be dropped until further notice.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Happy Birthday, me.


Release: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 08

Mediafire: HQ (1900px) | SQ (1200px)

This actually didn’t take so long to translate but I was lazy.

Also I would rather not burden Nackbjorn with more redrawing work for KoiChoco, so if anyone wants to see not-ugly edits and is pretty good with redrawing, please shoot me an e-mail. While experience is not required, it is preferred, but as long as you can perform perform magic like this (see below), it doesn’t matter.


So uh, it’s rather tough I suppose. Nackbjorn works miracles.
It’s not as bad as MadoNano 04 is though:

kill me baby

I hope you’ll all forgive me for just slapping mini translations on the side.