Main staff:

Head/TL/Edits/QC: Zeroblade

Edits/QC: nackbjorn
TL-check/QC: 53RG10
Guest Work: Miscellaneous volunteers

About us:

We’re a small group that scans and releases things at our own pace, initially with most of the work being a solo effort, but with someone to do the harder redraws now. It started out as a way for me (Zeroblade) to kill time while making some sort of output that can benefit people and… Actually, it still hasn’t moved on. Though we do take (paid) commissions now!

Though our timetable is basically dependent on whether or not I have the time to push out work, we believe in great work with good quality edits and nice readable translations that hover between literal and adaptive.

Oh, we pretty much handle whatever we feel like doing, from rom-coms, to ero-ero doujins and stuff, and take on whatever’s good. But no guro or weird stuff like that, cause ewww.

Ironically, the effort almost died out when someone *coughmecough* got loaded with work and other stuff. But now things should hopefully get back on schedule!


Disclaimer On Intellectual Property, and such:

The members of HimaHimaSeijin scans do not claim ownership of any and all commercial works translated here. They are the property of their respective creators and publishers. But the translations are our property, so yeah. Don’t be a jerk; credit where credit is due.

A quick note: we get our raws from various sources, more often than not from raw aggregate sites. If you are the original scanner and were not cited properly, please shoot us a mail or leave a comment and we will fix it ASAP.

Sharing Policies for Downloads and Online Readers:

All downloads are freely redistributable by anyone, and although we only officially upload to Batoto, any online reader is free to host the releases, provided they follow these conditions:

  1. Keep the credits page
  2. Yeah, that’s basically it.

Although most readers just auto-trawl each other for new stuff so I guess we can’t do anything about it anyway.

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