Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon


Kawakami Minoru

Takenaka Hideo

Character Design:


In the distant future, Earth has been devastated and its inhabitants seek a new home in the heavens. However, constant warfare forces humans to return to Earth, which has turned into an inhabitable planet except for a certain area called the Divine States.

The Divine States are too small to accommodate all the humans, so they duplicated the area and created the Harmonic Divine States. In order to retrace their steps and rediscover their journey to the heavens, the returned humans began to reproduce history from the year 10,000 BC, using a mysterious history book called Testament.

History reproduction proceeds smoothly until A.D. 1413, when a war broke out in the Divine States. This causes the Harmonic Divine States to crash onto the original world. The humans living in the Harmonic Divine States lose their land and invade the original world. The people of the Divine States surrender and they are divided by the invaders from the Harmonic Divine States. They try to resume the reproduction of history from A.D.1457, but the update of history terminates in A.D.1648. A rumor of apocalypse begins to spread around the world.


Volume 1 – Full Download
Chapter 01 – LQ (1000px) MF / SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1700px) MF
Chapter 02 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1700px) MF
Chapter 03 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1700px) MF
Chapter 04 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1700px) MF
Chapter 05 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1700px) MF
Chapter 06 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1700px) MF
Side Story – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1700px) MF

Volume 2
Chapter 07 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1500px) MF
Chapter 08 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1500px) MF
Chapter 09 – SQ (1200px) MF / HQ (1500px) MF
Chapter 10 – SQ (1200px) MF  / HQ (1500px) MF
Chapter 11 – SQ (1200px) MF  / HQ (1500px) MF

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