Koneko Pancake

Notice: Project is now dead because the series appears to have been cut.
Any magazine scans of remaining chapters (ch. 07 onwards) that have not been released on tankoubon will be appreciated and worked on.


Story / Art:
Kanno Touko


Kamisu Iori is at that age when he really wants a girl, but he’s about to get more than he bargained for. Iori is taking a nap in the forest when a cute girl with cat ears and tail falls on him from the trees. She scurries away and he chases her through a mysterious door somewhere in the forest. Iori wakes up in a café where he learns that kittens actually take the form of a human with cat ears and tail just like Keyna, the cute girl he was chasing. But when he accidentally breaks the door that he came through, Iori has to work at the café surrounded by “kittens” until it gets fixed and he can go home.

(taken from Baka-Updates)


Volume 1MF
Chapter 01 – MF
Chapter 02 – MF
Chapter 03 – MF
Chapter 04 – MF
Chapter 05 – MF
Chapter Extra – MF

16 thoughts on “Koneko Pancake

    • Whoopsie; sorry about that. Here’s page 126 which goes in between chapters 3 and 4. I won’t update the online readers since there’s no real point in it, but it will go into the full-volume release later once the extra pages have been translated.

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  2. Unfortunately, there have been no tank releases since 2010/2011 (vol. 1). The magazine it was serialized in was Dengeki G’s Festival! COMIC, a bimonthly release. It has not been serialized in that magazine since at least January of 2012. Besides all that, if it were to be in an edition of that magazine, it would cost upwards of $80 to get one copy to the U.S. just to scan it. >.>

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