Koi Koi Seitokai


Story / Art:
Araki Kanao


Goraku Gakuen is a school with over 300 clubs and student associations, and all of them are under the supervision of the Student Council. After encountering the Student Council President, Gokou Karuta, a girl who avoids most of the clubs, is asked to be the Secretary. Thus begins her work of inflitrating and monitoring the often wacky clubs…

(taken from Baka-Updates)


Volume 1
Chapter 01 – MF
Chapter 02 – MF
Chapter 03 – MF
Chapter 04 – MF
Chapter 05 – MF

5 thoughts on “Koi Koi Seitokai

  1. On MU it lists a prologue chapter done by some other group(s), what’s that about? It was done three years ago though so I’m not holding much hope for obtaining it.

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