Read: All content here contains erotic content of varying degrees.
Do not download, read, or distribute unless you or the audience are of legal age to view pornography in your country/region!

trouble twins
Sawano Akira – Trouble Twins
Synopsis: Shinji’s brought his girlfriend home – right into the hands of his two possessive sisters! And they’ve got one hell of a plan to take him back!
Download – MF

Marugoshi – KonColle!!
Synopsis: After suddenly being ordered to retreat by their admiral, Kongou and her sisters, Hiei, Kirishima, and Haruna, get together to give him some confidence in their abilities – and not just the ones in battle!
Download – MF

sweet collection
Kazuchi – Sweet Collection
Synopsis: Atago, Shimakaze, Tenryuu, and Tama go out on a sortie, only to be beaten back by the evil Allied Alien forces; now the admiral has to comfort his beloved ship daughters!
Download – MF

amazingly lewd zekamashi
Sameda Koban – KanColle -The Night of Ship Debauchery-
Synopsis: A compilation of short stories featuring Kongou, Atago, Tenryuu, and Shimakaze, and featuring a special appearance by an enemy Wo-class carrier.
Download – MF

more hot zekamashi
Ameto Yuki – Kanmusu Collection
Synopsis: Happy fun time with Shimakaze and Kongou. Nice and simple.
Download – MF

even more zekamashi
Minatsuki Alumi – Teitoku Daisuki
Synopsis: Shimakaze has happy loving sex with the admiral. The end.
Download – MF

we kongou now
Maruchan. – Fight For Liberty No. 1
Synopsis: The admiral decides to treat Kongou to anything she wants, and she wants a nice massage.
Download – MF

Saikawa Yusa – Yamato Wants to Love You, Admiral
Synopsis: Yamato wonders why the Admiral has never put a pink lock on her, even when so many other ships have one. She discovers a photo of a ship in his office…
Download – MF

kongou haa haa
Ayuya – A Love Song that Disappears into the Waves
Synopsis: The admiral and Kongou truly love each other, but will they ever come together?
Download – MF

lesbian lovin
Aoki Kanji – Ichi Ni no 3P (commissioned by Ser Maggot)
Synopsis: Satou discovers that Asuka and Ranko, the two hottest girls in his class, having a rendezvous in the library. He decides to watch on the sides but he gets caught by the girls! What awaits our troubled peeper?
Download – SS / MF

cowgirl is my favorite position
Tohgarashi Hideyu – 1LDK (commissioned by Ser Maggot)
Synopsis: Kanda Tarou moves into his new bachelor pad and is excited to begin his new life! But what awaited him there was — a girl!?
Download – MF

qt couple
Kabocha Torte – Deep♥Love ~Muchuu na Futari~ (commissioned by mihcelous)
Synopsis: N and Touko love each other very much. And they make love to each other very much.
Download – MF

kongou haa haa haaaaaaaaa
Ayuya – Tonight’s Dream is Waves, Waves, Waves
Synopsis: Kongou must once again leave for a battle, but she has doubts if she can make it back in once piece. A continuation of Ayuya’s “A Love Song that Disappears into the Waves”
Download – MF

please stare at me more
Minamoto Jin, ATTP – Abyssal Fleet Girls Roster (commissioned by anonymous)
Synopsis: Mistaken for a fellow Abyssal Being, the admiral is “rescued” by the other Abyssal Fleet Girls. What awaits our courageous CO?
Download – MF

sad sex makes me sad
Odawara Hakone – Yahaginist
Synopsis: Our admiral accompanies Yahagi, who has a lapse in memory and longs for a life outside of the navy.
Download – MF

panty is hot
Nakayama Miyuki – First DT chan (commissioned by Nekoanime15)
Synopsis: Panty forces herself onto Brief-kun and they have sex. That’s about it.
Download – MF

art is blazing hot
Michiking – Kinyoku-Bu Ch. 01 (commissioned by CellTF)
Synopsis: The boys at school are sexually harassing Mariko! Troubled, she consults with her teacher. Luckily, he has just the plan…
Download – MF

i hate rape
Arino Hiroshi – Toaru Doujin Joou ga Konna ni Erosugiru (commissioned by Flammz)
Synopsis: (by the commissioner) “Doujin queen reveals true colors, gets raped.”
Download – MF

back to vanilla
Yuuki Mitsuru – Okinimesu Mama (commissioned by mihcelous)
Synopsis: Upon hearing that Moutoku has fallen from exhaustion, Hana rushes to his aid.
Download – MF

tokegao faces are great
Azuma Sawayoshi – Service x Maid
Synopsis: Hiroshi is depressed, and it’s up to Kana to cheer him up by servicing him! Or is it the other way around?
Download – MF

Saikou no Omoide – Mizuyuki
Synopsis: Childhood friends Anna and Teruaki meet again years later. Does Anna still remember what happened between them that day?
Download – MF

half-elf maids are the best
Herurun – Boku no Kawaii Meido san.
Synopsis: Cute Myucel and Shinichi vanilla.
Download – MF | ExH

i wish this had kumano
Kosuke Haruhito – Nurse Suzuya ni Shibori Torareru Hon
Synopsis: The admiral heads over to the sickbay for an additional medical checkup… Of a different kind.
Download – MF | ExH

Non-conventional / Deviant Erotic Content
Works here contain varying degrees of deviant content, from not-that-weird (e.g. tentacles) to kinda-weird (e.g. futanari) to just seriously crazy weird.
Proceed at your own risk. Contents will be tagged as needed.

Agata Akira – Neutral (commissioned by Nekoanime15)
Synopsis: Kaine’s little sister Mer has issues about her incredibly flat chest and wants her breasts to grow as soon as possible. But soon she discovers that growth carries its own troubles.
Tags: Breast expansion, Huge breasts, Shota, Elf
Download – MF

more bakunyuu
Tousen – Houkyouyaku no Tame Naraba
Synopsis: Desperate to escape a forced political marriage with a lolicon, Lieze Estra finds a store that may have just what she needs…
Tags: Forced, Drugs, Corruption, Breast expansion, Clit growth, Body growth, Huge breasts, Lactation
Download – MF | ExH

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