Read: Commissions are currently on hold for now until I get over my porn translation burnout.
Yes, that is a thing.

Commissioning a commission:

Although we haven’t been here long, we believe the quality of our work speaks for itself. If you’ve got something you’d like translated, feel free to drop an e-mail (see below) and we’ll see to getting it done. Make sure to include the title or a place to find the raws as well.


Translations: USD 0.70 per page. Output is a text file with the actual JP text + English translations. Edits will be an additional USD 0.90 per page. Additional work like having to source actual raws (ergo we buy a copy and scan it) will have to be covered by the commissioner.

Note that these are manga rates. Light novels or other media are a whole different beast, and will need further discussion (contact below).


Depends on amount of text, difficulty of text, complexity of graphical edits, etc. I can’t really give a hard number, but for manga that don’t have any graphical edits at all, I could probably push out a 20-pager with relatively simple dialogue in around 3-5 days.
If there are delays due to real life circumstances for any of the staff, I’ll let you know ASAP.

How it goes:

  1. You email me to get something translated and how you want it done
  2. You give me raws (or a place where I can download them)
  3. Stuff gets done
  4. I e-mail you that it’s done, with a couple sample pages
  5. Payment through Paypal
  6. I e-mail the full work (or a link to download it)
  7. Back-and-forth on any issues (rewording, etc.)
  8. Public release, if desired

The fine print:

  1. Please either supply a source for the raws or supply them yourself. Neither of us on the team are in Japan, nor can we afford to buy the books out of our own pocket
  2. Current medium for translation is Japanese to English only
  3. We are by no means professional, so highly technical subject matter may be rather tricky, but we do our best – always

Contact us through E-mail for any commissions/requests, and let’s work something out.

4 thoughts on “Commissions

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  2. Are you still doing commissions? I sent an e-mail before. I wonder if you’ve seen it. If you guys are busy, I understand.

  3. Hello! I just wanted to tell you I sent a e-mail commission earlier today! I wanted to tell you in case my e-mail went into your spam folder.

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