poco – Shiratama Dango 2
Synopsis: A peek into the lives of some rather supernatural, super-cute creatures
Download – MF

Kazekawa Nagi – MADOKA X NANOHA Episode 1
Synopsis: Two of the most badass groups of magical girls join forces to defeat Walpurgis Night with the power of friendship! And planet-destroying lasers.
Download – MF

Kazekawa Nagi – MADOKA X NANOHA Episode 2
Synopsis: The fight against Walpurgis Night continues. Sayaka, Kyouko, and Mami ponder the weight of their existences as Puella Magi, and the weakness of Nanoha’s group is revealed!?
HQ Download – MF
Download – MF

siesta / nekono – Yesterday and today’s boundary (commissioned by Nekoanime15)
Synopsis: Kenny worries about the difficulties between his and Stan’s relationship.
Note: This is South Park BL. South. Park. BL.
Download – MF

EPI / Tachimi Neon – Shounen-Shoujo Koi no Uta Vocaloid L⇔R Book (commissioned by Nekoanime15)
Synopsis: Rin and Len have difficulties producing a song about “Love”.
Download – MF

it's nicomaki but it actually ends up makinico
GRINP / Neko Tofu – Yuri Idol
Synopsis: Nico decides that Maki and the rest of μ’s should try out yuri, with rather amusing results.
Download – MF | ExH

scheming nico
GRINP / Neko Tofu – Nico Enjou
Synopsis: With the Love Live closing in, μ’s isn’t looking good on the rankings. Nico decides to take matters into her own hands.
Download – MF | ExH

2 thoughts on “Doujin

  1. Lot of gratitute to you HimaHimaSeijinscans for translating Madoka X Nanoha
    Hope you guys will translate entire Madoka X Nanoha series

    • Also dropped by here to say thanks for translating Madoka x Nanoha! Even if you are going to just put in mini translations in the side instead of drawing out the letters, I hope to one day see how the story turns out.

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