Commission Release: Yesterday and today’s boundary [nekono]


Commissioned by Nekoanime15

A little something for the fujoshi out there.
This is the first time I’ve translated BL and it’s been a weird experience.
Especially because it’s South Park BL.
It’s not R-18 however, and I won’t make a habit of working on BL/yaoi, so please relax.

Download: Mediafire
Read online: Fakku!

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming come next release.

R-18 Commission: Deep♥Love ~Muchuu na Futari~ [Kabocha Torte]


Download: Mediafire
Read Online: Fakku! | Fufufuu

50th release wooo

Commissioned by mihcelous

The art is really good too; you can instantly tell that it’s a female artist because of the way the eroscenes are done. Unless of course I’m wrong and Kabocha Torte is a guy.

Anyway go read it and soil some childhood memories.