Release: Nico Enjou [Neko Tofu (GRINP)]


Download: MediaFire | ExH

Yet another Neko Tofu doujin.

This author has a good, if dirty, sense of humor that works as a great contrast to the cutesy art. And I’m really sick of working on porn right now, so.

And some translation notes!

  • Page 5: negative publicity – she says 炎上商法, which refers to the use of intentionally negative comments to force the spotlight on something. You know what they say about bad publicity after all.
  • Page 5, 13: XXX-48 – Sayaka and Micchan, based on 5 minutes of Googling
  • Page 8: Cat / Butch – actual Japanese terms used are neko and tachi, which are similar to the uke/seme dynamic.

Release: Yuri Idol [Neko Tofu (GRINP)]


Download: MediaFire | ExH

I found this little gem while browsing through random bits of Comiket 87. The gags are great and the expressions are just fantastic. There isn’t even a smidgen of actual erotic content which was just refreshing, considering the last, oh, twenty-odd things I’ve worked on.

On a side-note, I’ll be going to the LoveLive 5th Live later this month. Very excite.

R-18 Release: Yahaginist [Odawara Hakone]


Download: MediaFire
Read Online: Fakku!

A pretty sad doujin overall. But the art is really good.

Featuring hacaplus as editor! He especially helped with page 11.

Boy, every time I work on a KanColle doujin, I swear it’s like a history lesson.
I do hope people actually read those TL notes, since I do put time and effort into doing the research for those. Otherwise, it’s just wasted work.

In other news, WANI Magazine has been dishing out a lot of cease-and-desists to anyone linking to or hosting content from their serials, including, but not limited to:

  • Comic Kairakuten
  • Comic Kairakuten BEAST
  • Comic X-EROS

Also included are works by artists and their works under WANI, including but not limited to:

  • TakayaKi
  • Homunculus
  • Akino Sora
  • Ishikei
  • Hamao
  • Nakata Modem
  • Distance

Hence, from here on out, I will have to avoid doing any public commissions or releases with these works. Any currently existing works linked to here will be taken down immediately upon request of the IP holders as well.
Thanks for your understanding.

R-18 Commission: Abyssal Fleet Girls Roster [Minamoto Jin, ATTP]


Commissioned by Anonymous.

Download: MediaFire
Read online: Fakku!

Boy it feels good to go back to things like this.
Faptastic expressions to be had all around.

Also it’s my birthday, so I have another release to come in a bit.

Edit: Due to a misrecognition error, there has been a mistake: the girl in the second half of the doujin is not Airfield Hime, but the Hime-class Armored Carrier. This error has been rectified in the download version, but not in other uploads of the doujin.
That is all.

Commission Release: Yesterday and today’s boundary [nekono]


Commissioned by Nekoanime15

A little something for the fujoshi out there.
This is the first time I’ve translated BL and it’s been a weird experience.
Especially because it’s South Park BL.
It’s not R-18 however, and I won’t make a habit of working on BL/yaoi, so please relax.

Download: Mediafire
Read online: Fakku!

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming come next release.