Double R-18 Release + Update! [Service x Maid / Azuma Sawayoshi & Saikou no Omoide / Mizuyuki]


Azuma Sawayoshi – Service x Maid – Mediafire
Saikou no Omoide – Mizuyuki – Mediafire

So! I kinda disappeared for the last few months, much to the ire of those who had stuff commissioned, I’m sure. Long story short, real life kicked in again and I ended up having to put scanlations on hiatus for some time.

I will be getting back to working on Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon eventually, though if anyone is crazy enough to work on it, you have my blessing. Both Koi Koi Seitokai and Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate have been inactive mostly due to a lack of raws, and lack of interest.

These will probably be my last couple releases for now while I work on other commitments. I won’t be taking any new commissions in for now either.



R-18 Release: Toaru Doujin Joou ga Konna ni Erosugiru [Arino Hiroshi]


Download: MediaFire
Read online: Fakku! 

Commissioned by Flammz

The commissioner wrote this for its description:

Doujin queen reveals true colors, gets raped.

It’s pretty accurate.

After doing a whole bunch of rape-related commissions I don’t think I can work on anything like that for a while. It makes a vanilla-lover like me cry inside.



R-18 Release: Yahaginist [Odawara Hakone]


Download: MediaFire
Read Online: Fakku!

A pretty sad doujin overall. But the art is really good.

Featuring hacaplus as editor! He especially helped with page 11.

Boy, every time I work on a KanColle doujin, I swear it’s like a history lesson.
I do hope people actually read those TL notes, since I do put time and effort into doing the research for those. Otherwise, it’s just wasted work.

In other news, WANI Magazine has been dishing out a lot of cease-and-desists to anyone linking to or hosting content from their serials, including, but not limited to:

  • Comic Kairakuten
  • Comic Kairakuten BEAST
  • Comic X-EROS

Also included are works by artists and their works under WANI, including but not limited to:

  • TakayaKi
  • Homunculus
  • Akino Sora
  • Ishikei
  • Hamao
  • Nakata Modem
  • Distance

Hence, from here on out, I will have to avoid doing any public commissions or releases with these works. Any currently existing works linked to here will be taken down immediately upon request of the IP holders as well.
Thanks for your understanding.

R-18 Commission: Abyssal Fleet Girls Roster [Minamoto Jin, ATTP]


Commissioned by Anonymous.

Download: MediaFire
Read online: Fakku!

Boy it feels good to go back to things like this.
Faptastic expressions to be had all around.

Also it’s my birthday, so I have another release to come in a bit.

Edit: Due to a misrecognition error, there has been a mistake: the girl in the second half of the doujin is not Airfield Hime, but the Hime-class Armored Carrier. This error has been rectified in the download version, but not in other uploads of the doujin.
That is all.